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Pub Knockout Competition

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Thank you for entering our 2018/2019 Pub Knockout Competition. Following your registration, the initial draw and competition rules can be found below.

Each team is made up of 4 players with each team split into 2 pairs. 

Both pairs will play independently to represent their establishment.

For those yet to pay the £40.00 entry fee, please can all monies be paid before your first match. Monies can be paid behind the bar in an envelope which should state the name of the four team members and team name. 

The format of the competition is Better-ball match play -  eliminating rounds in the Tournament will be on a knock-out principle decided over 18 holes match-play. If the match is tied after 18 holes, play continues until a hole is won on a “sudden death” basis. 

After round 1, the losing teams will be put into a separate “mini draw” which will allow each pair to play at least twice.


All matches are to be played at Drax Golf Club.

Contact details can be requested by contacting Liam Ridgill on 0787 0747 295 or email:

Arranging and Playing for Matches


Matches will be able to start as of Saturday 22nd September 2018 and the deadline for each round will be a specified Sunday during the month.


Matches must be played before or on the closing date. It is the responsibility of the person/team who is drawn “at home” I.E. the top box, to make contact with the opponent and offer a minimum of three dates/times to play. If the match has not been played by the closing date the player(s) stood on the tee at 10am shall go through to the next round. 


If only one player/team turns up at the stipulated date & time, then they shall be declared the winner.


If neither player/team turns up at the stipulated date & time, then they shall both be disqualified from the competition.


It is the winner’s responsibility to enter their name onto the draw-sheet. If no winner/winners are entered on the draw-sheet by the specified cut-off date & time for that round then both players/teams shall be disqualified.


No exceptions will be given.


Extra Holes Playoff


If a match finishes all square after 18 holes, then ‘sudden death’ must be played and play goes into extra holes, where strokes continue to be taken according to the Stroke Index of the course.

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