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Recording of Non Qualifying Scores

From 1st January 2017 England Golf require all players to return all scores in Non Qualifying Competition, to assist handicap committees with handicap reviews. (Clause 4.5b/8.12)

Please note these scores will not directly affect a player’s handicap, but may be used as ‘supporting evidence’ of performance when it comes to a handicap review.

Scores should be returned in all Singles, Am-Am, 4BBB and team competitions, with the exception of Texas Scrambles and Greensome competitions.

Clubs should also be aware of regular roll-ups that take place at their club, where players are playing off a measured course under Competition Play Conditions. We would advise that these types of competitions should be played as qualifiers when possible.

To assist with the return of scores, we advise that clubs outline a process to allow players to record these scores.

It is recommended that this is done directly to the Handicap Committee, and that the Committee keep a copy of all information for the current year and one previous year. The information does not have to be recorded on the handicap software, but should be stored in a format that can be used for any handicap review.

Information to be recorded:

  • Date of Competition

  • Format of Competition

  • Venue/Course

  • Tees used

  • SSS of Course

  • Name of playing partners

  • Score returned

Failure to return these scores could result in loss or suspension of handicap under clause 24.1.

Guidance to Clubs running Open Competitions.

We also request that clubs running open competitions return the scores of the top 5 places to the player’s or team’s home club. To assist with this, we have designed a pro forma that a club can complete and return. This could be done by post or email (Non Qualifying Scores Open Return Form).

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