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Course Layout Trials

In 2017, the course at Drax was re-routed following significant problems with pace of play and pinch points on the course.

Since then, we believe we have managed to alleviate some of these pinch points, but have inadvertently created an issue on the 6th / 12th hole and subsequently Hole 13, an issue that was further highlighted following the Drax NERGA Host event on 2nd June.

The Greens Committee and Head Greenkeeper have taken the time to look look again at the course layout with a view of trying to improve the flow of play and lessen the impact pinch points, which are inevitable on a 12-hole golf course.

As you can appreciate, it is difficult to alleviate any pinch points because of this.

We have reviewed 8-course layout proposals through the 2019 season and a final 2 chosen by the Full Committee; these two proposals are below.

We are now inviting members and guests to play in two arranged competitions, each playing one of the below layouts.

We will be providing maps and special scorecards on each day and amending the tee signs to help everyone navigate the course.

Feedback will then be collated and reviewed to see if these help our aim of lessening the pinch points and the results presented to members to vote on.

Members will be able to play in these competitions for just £1 and an optional £1 2’s club will be run.

Guests are welcome to play for a reduced £5 green fee plus optional 2’s club.

  • Proposal 1a will be trialled on Sunday 21st July

  • Proposal 2a will be trialled on Sunday 29th September

All feedback will be really appreciated and taken on board and members are asked to complete a feedback form and post it in the suggestion box in the club foyer.

Thanks for your support in this project to improve pace of play and make your golf even more enjoyable.

The Committee

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