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Course Update - June 2019

Update on work completed through June plans for July

We have had quite a lot of rain so far this month and the course has held up well.

We continue to cut Fairways and Greens, which is now the norm during the season and becomes the main focus of work.

We have begun to prepare the course for Captains Day to ensure members and guests have the course in tiptop condition as usual

The recent feed work on the course is beginning to show dividends now we are fully into the growing season.

All Tees have again all been seeded, spiked and had the same feed and topsoil as they begin to repair from last summer’s drought.

We have again this month had some additional stock from Tony Hanson in the form of Seed, Soil and Feed with a value of £1,700

In addition to the above, we are organising transport to allow us to get some slow releasing fertilizers from their Howden factory.

I will update on this and its value next month.

We have a number of John Deere machines coming to us in the coming weeks; these are on trial at no cost to us as the company want to try impress us.

It is likely there will be a fairway cutter first and then others to be decided to follow afterwards.

I have sold the Leaf Collector that was no longer required and we got £500 for this.

The monies raised have been used to buy tools, a jack and a compressor that were required for the day-to-day tasks. As always, all receipts are in my office for anyone needing to see them.

As always, I would like to thank all the team for their efforts. It really is appreciated how much of their time they give up to make our course look great.

Tipping is re-starting imminently; the weather had caused a few delays along with a delay on the contractual discussions with the parties concerned on a new contract.

As you can see by the 9th we have had the diggers in again as part of the ongoing development of the hole. The pond is being worked on to seal the base so we can begin to fill it up.

We are hopeful that this should be completed and filled ready for Captains Day dependant on weather.

We will still have the mounds as GUR but the rest should be in play.

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