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Drax Exploits Gap In The Market

In a quest to expand its coverage in the local area, Drax Golf Club have found a gap in the golf market which the marketing team are hoping to exploit.

After successful reports of increased membership due to a high social media and digital presence and carrying out extensive research into the Yorkshire area, it soon became apparent that there was a gap in the local golfing community that fell into Drax's hands. Utilising The Golf Guide's online club search tool, the marketing team were both surprised and happy to see a 'hole' in The Golf Guide's course finder for the Yorkshire area. The marketing team established that this hole equated to a 15 mile radius with Drax Golf Club sat neatly in the middle with a catchment area which covers towns including Selby, Doncaster, Castleford and more. From these findings, Drax marketing team are happy to announce that the club has now teamed up with The Golf Guide to help the increase the clubs digital presence.

The Golf Guide website currently has 3000 visitors per week with Twitter and Facebook both boasting 2500 followers. Twitter stats show 65,000 impressions in the last 28 days alone and Drax Golf Club would be foolish not to capitalise on this great opportunity.

As the golf industry continues to evolve and more people are looking for different playing options other than traditional memberships, the marketing team hopes that by being a featured club on The Golf Guide's website, it will push not only traditional membership packages, but also tailor made Country and Corporate memberships.

Drax's feature is a fully hosted digital page to advertise the club and its facilities on The Golf Guide website Content that is included on the site includes a rotating image gallery on the digital page to advertise all club facilities, links to the club website, links to the club’s in house booking system,, Social media links to help proactively share club content plus much more!

NB. The link to our page is still work in progress with both Drax and Golf Guide's teams closely working together to iron out any errors or bugs that may be apparent. Please be patient while this work is undertaken but we hope you join us in welcoming this new and exciting marketing initiative.



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