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Course Update March -April 2018

This month has been one of the hardest months due to the heavy rainfall (190.5mm from 01/03 - 16/04). We have however managed to continue with the prep work for spring, this has included the following; slitting the fairways tees and aprons and spiked the greens twice this month.

The greens have not been scarified or top dressed as this has been postponed due to the weather conditions.

The bunker edging has been completed and all the sprinklers have been edged.

The greens aprons and tees have been fed.

I have resourced crushed concrete for the paths at a great price, which will help cover a larger service area with the amount of supply in this deal.

In between the bad weather I have still managed to cut the greens aprons and tees a few times and cut the odd fairway.

Looking at the forecast I am planning to catch up on all the maintenance that had to be postponed. The old stock has been looked at and will be recycled to help with this years supplies and help with savings.

We have new member to the green keeping team Lee Sneap and has already began his role here and has taken to the job well and will be a great asset to the team.

Thank you to the senior parties for their great efforts and help with all work undertaken for example the 9th pond it has been very much appreciated.

Thank to Graham and our Vice-Captain Dan Mitchell for doing all the servicing on the machines.

Thank you to both Alans for all the hard work with making the new medal tee discs and signs. All efforts and team spirit has been very much appreciated.

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