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Course Update April - May 2018

The green maintenance plan

This week we will be starting our green maintenance plan which will include the following; scarifying, spiking, topdressing and seeding.

As you are aware we are currently behind with the greens due to the weather and breakdowns. The breakdowns have now been addressed and resolved. This has been made possible with the hard work, knowledge and repairs by Graham so a huge thank you. The repairs have cost nothing.

As you are also aware we are currently down to two staff members which will affect the work and timescale in which the maintenance can be done. However I am prepared to work the extra hours and weekends to try and maintain and improve the standard of the course. As we have already set high standards and my aim is to keep this as my goal and continue to take the course to the next level.

All the extra slitting we did on the fairways,tees and aprons to get the extra airflow in to the soil during Winter through to Spring has improved dramatically the thickness of the sward in the grass.


A meeting has taken place between myself and the grinding rep, which led to a free day trial of grinding on one of our machines. This contact was developed through old relationships at Doncaster Golf club. Also due to my qualifications gained previously from a grinding course it has been agreed that they are willing to allow a 1-week free trial of grinding at the golf course. This will do all the machines and this in turn will save money.

This month I will get on top of the general tidying of the course strimming all areas.

I have visited my old workplace Doncaster Golf Club and they are willing to give me a set of scarifying units for free which is worth approximately 2k. I will be collecting these from them soon.

Thank you to the seniors for their help last month.

Thanks to Alan Palmer and Pete for relining all the shed floors, great job.

Thank you to the younger members for attending on a Sunday morning to help complete the second path, moving logs and diviting.

A big thank you to both Alans and Graham on helping to maintain the golf course.

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