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One of the main aims of turf management is to keep play on the main greens for as near to 12 months of the year as possible. Greenkeepers have to take winter weather into account, so please follow these steps to help them as temperatures plunge.

  • Some areas may be cordoned off for repair after inclement weather (marked Ground Under Repair), please respect these areas. If your ball lands in a GUR area, refer to each club’s specific guidelines

  • Please replace divots and repair pitchmarks.

  • Find out if the club or greenkeeping team has a blog. Many do, and this will give you up to date information on what’s happening on the course.

  • Every effort is made by the greenkeepers to keep greens closures to an absolute minimum, however sometimes closures are unavoidable. Allowing play on overly wet or frozen greens early in the winter damages turf and should be avoided.

  • Knocking off excess debris from shoes before walking on greens is also helpful

Thank you for your cooperation; your assistance will greatly help the greenkeeping team prepare a first-class course for you to enjoy.

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