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Important Information

New Scorecards

Please could all players be aware that as on Friday 29th March 2019 new scorecards are to be used. These scorecards have been updated with:

  • New local rules in line with the Rules of Golf 2019

  • New Stroke Indexes following the 2016 – 2018 review

  • New yardages following our course re-measurement in 2018

New scorecards can be found in the changing room and behind the bar, as well as in the scorecard box on the first tee.

Old scorecards must not be used from this point.

Hole 11 / 17

Following extensive development work on the 11th / 17th hole this winter, the G.U.R and Drop Zone’s have been reviewed in anticipation of the new season.

As of Friday 29th March, the 3 greenside bunkers and the surrounding areas have been marked as Ground Under Repair.

Players must take relief from this area (including the bunkers) in line with Rule 16.1 – Abnormal Course Conditions and must not play the ball from its original position within the G.U.R. There will no longer be any drop zones in this area.

Please remember to rake bunkers and leave the rake in the bunker with the handle resting on the support provided.

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