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9th Hole Development

Some members may have heard rumours of a project to build a landscaped banking down the side of the 9/15 fairway. The club has entered into an agreement with a local contractor to undertake this work. The materials that are to be used are inert soils etc from sites around the country that the contractor is being paid to dispose of in an environmentally friendly fashion.

The contractor has obtained permissions and permits from local authorities and the Environment Agency to tip the waste on the golf course. They have also invested in machinery etc to work on the course. As you may be aware the income from site clearance work is fairly substantial and as the contractor is not having to pay to dispose of the waste they have agreed to share any profit after their outlay with the golf club. This will give the club a tremendous boost to our income stream and will enable us to invest further on course improvements that are detailed in the Course development documents you will have seen.

Unfortunately this project will involve a certain amount of disruption to the 9/15 hole during the season. The head greenkeeper plans to keep the disruption to a minimum as the majority of the work will be done early in the morning before most golfers are on the course. There will be a small area worked on at any one time and this will be roped off. GUR notices will be posted as the work continues. It is hoped the work will be completed by the autumn and by next year we will have a fantastically attractive new feature replacing the shabby run off area on the right of this fairway.

The committee would like to thank you in advance for your patience during the work on the project, and we can assure that any profit from the project will be used to enhance the benefits of being a member of Drax Golf Club. Yours in Golf The Committee

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