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Spring Course Rules

To continue protecting our golf course from damage during the spring months, so that they can be at their best during other periods of the year, we ask that players continue to use Hedgehog wheels on their trollies and use carry bags where possible until further advised.

Preferred Lies are now in play as of Saturday 1st April 2017, this will entitle a player prefer the lie of the ball when the ball lies on a closely-mown area through the green no more than 6 inch from its original position and no nearer the hole.

To clarify, a “closely-mown area” is any area of the course that is cut to fairway height or less and includes paths cut through the rough and the fringe/apron around the green. If the ball does not lie on a closely-mown area, e.g. the rough, the player cannot take a preferred lie under this specimen Local Rule.

Please also try to use available paths wherever possible when using a golf trolley or when carrying your bag.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Greens & Competition Committees

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