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Course Update - May 2019

Update on work completed through May and plans for June

As we now begin to see the weather improve slightly, we have been able to scarify all greens and top-dressed twice in the last few weeks.

Spring & summer feed has been done along with over-seed and spiking. This will begin to show good results in the coming weeks as the growing season starts in earnest.

All Tees & Aprons have also all been seeded, spiked and had the same feed as the greens as they begin to repair from last summer’s drought.

We are beginning to use the borehole water now and this will help the above improvements come through even quicker at no real cost to us.

We have spiked all fairways and added feed that we got from Tony Hanson. This is a slow releasing fertiliser that will help the areas where we have taken out trees e.g between 6th/ 7th hole and it begins to thicken the fairway grasses ongoing.

We ensured that the presentation of the course was as good as we could in readiness for the Spring Open working extra on the morning with a double cut on greens and cutting all fairways. For this, I need to thank all the team for their efforts. It really is appreciated how much of their time the give up to make our course look great.

As you can see by the 9th we have had the diggers in as part of the development of the hole, it is anticipated that this will be completed and filled ready for play on the coming weeks. We are walking the course with Simon to determine next steps in conjunction with Course Development report.

Tipping is starting imminently; again, we have ensured that all the necessary legal requirements have been fully followed hence the slight delay.

We have had a further 120 litres of Wetting agent worth £2,500 collected from Tony Hanson’s place of work and are expecting to collect a similar quantity next month. In addition to this, we are trying to arrange collection from Howden of other chemicals that they have offered.

Once I have a date and value, I will report back

Next few weeks will see us begin to ensure the course is as good as we can possibly prepare for the NERGA competition on June 2nd

We are all aware of this being the first time we have held this day and want to ensure the course is at its best.

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