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Course Update - July 2019

Update on work completed through July and plans for August

We continue to cut Fairways and Greens, which is now the norm during the season and becomes the main focus of our workload.

We got great feedback for the condition of the course for Captains Day. We aim to make it just as good for Invitation Day

What we actually receive is the residual that is left after production that falls off the packing belt

I have recently spread the fertiliser onto the 1st Fairway and this is beginning to show dividends, I plan to continue this on other fairways as time permits.

We have an additional load we can take and I am in the process of arranging transport to get this. The one issue is storage and we may need to think of hiring a container or purchasing storage bins to keep the product dry.

In addition to the above,Tony Hanson organises, we are again this month getting some more stock in the form of Seed, Soil and Feed with a value of £3,500 to £4,000

For this, we are using a local person with a van to collect and are paying £40 per load for collection / delivery. There is likely to be 2 loads this month

We were expecting a number of John Deere machines coming to us in the coming weeks to trial, there was a slight delay on this but I am hopeful they will arrive between now & August

It is likely there will be a fairway cutter first and then others to be decided to follow afterwards. I will update you further next month.

We are having a few false starts on the tipping, this is in the main due to previous weather issues and the reluctance of our partners to agree prices that we can all make money on.

Once this re-starts, it will allow us to continue developing the pond area around the 9th

Early feedback is that the members like it so far and are looking forwards to its completion.

As always, I would like to thank all the team for their efforts. It really is appreciated how much of their time they give up to make our course look great.

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