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9th Hole Drop Zone

In addition to the current ruling we have implemented a Drop Zone should players go into the Abnormal Course Conditions (GUR) around the pond area.

This decision has been made to avoid any ambiguity as to where a player should take relief. The Drop Zone will be the Relief Area should your ball come to rest in the GUR whilst we develop the hole to come into play. Your ball must be dropped in the zone and COME TO REST IN IT.

If your ball rolls outside the Drop Zone, you must not play it and you must be drop it again. If it happens again, place the ball where it hit the ground on the 2nd drop. If you play from outside the Dropping Zone, you have played from a wrong place and will get a two stroke penalty.

This is a significant change from the 2016 Rules where a dropped ball can roll 2 club-lengths from where it hit the ground, even if this is outside the dropping zone and even if this is nearer the hole.

To operate properly:

  • Drop the ball correctly from knee height in the Drop Zone.

  • If it comes to rest in the Dropping Zone – anywhere in the dropping zone - hit it!!

  • If it rolls out of the relief area – drop it again.

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