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Course Update - November 2019

The 2019 golfing season has now finished and the white competition tees are now in and winter tees in play. We are now beginning the winter work as advised last month.

We will work on the drainage where possible, following the extensive rain in October, we have identified key areas which will become a priority over the coming months, as soon as we can get machinery to these places. This includes all 3 holes on the new land.

Work will shortly commence reconstructing the bunkers on holes 7 & 8 which will also see the introduction of new drainage on the 7th hole down the slope. The bunkers will be reshaped in line with the course development plan. As part of this, the large poplar tree to the right of the 7th green will be felled. This is notorious for covering the green in leaves and also blocks light to the green through the summer.

Should weather stop progress, we will continue the tree regeneration project. This will allow us to sell the logs with funds raised being used to pay for the fuel for the leaf blower and chainsaw.

Tipping has continued with focus shifting throughout the wet period to the first hole; where the land beyond the OOB markers has allowed to tip in excess of 20,000 tonnes. M&H Contours have arranged for a specialist shaping machine to be on hire to shape this mound to get the desired effect. I myself will be overseeing this work to ensure that we get the desired effect. Once the 1st has been completed, the 5 Commonwealth Trees will be moved into this area to ensure they are protected.

The transplant of these trees will then allow the next phase of tipping to move into this space. This area will initially be used as a holding area should the ground on the 9th be too wet to continue tipping.

We have had a tractor on demo from Robert D Webster Ltd New Holland, kindly organised by a new member, Christian Townsend. The loan of the tractor has helped us slit the remainder of the tees and greens which have now been slit 4 times.

I have recently spoken with the Sports & Social Club about hiring a specialist thatching machine. For £270.00 + VAT a day, we can hire one of these machines. I would like to hire one of these in spring to use on the greens, along with the Bowling Green, hence the conversation with the S&SC to share the cost. We have previously looked into purchasing these machines ourselves but initial upfront costs are circa £12k, obviously to be used once a year this is not a cost effective option.

Recently the power station have carried out some work on the greenkeepers shed which includes removing the ivy from the walls and also cleaning/renewing the guttering. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Roger Elliott for all of his time and hard work in redecorating the greenkeepers mess-room and shower. This is really appreciated.

The work detailed above should see us through to at least February when I will submit my next full report; any updates in the meantime will be given as and when required.

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