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Adrian Greenwood Memorial Shield Winner Announced

Welcome to night sixteen of our virtual 2020 Drax Golf Club Presentation Evening(s). 🎙

Last night we celebrated Michael Beck's victory by winning the Arthur Bott Trophy. 👏

Tonight we remember the life of Adrian Greenwood who unexpectedly passed away 10 years ago whilst on an overseas holiday. By day, Adrian (Ady) was a former RAF Engineer and then a taxi driver.

Ady was a much-loved character and due to his height, he was often referred to as a BFG (Big Friendly Giant). Ady used to play his golf with David Gill, Roger Elliott and Chris Burrows and was a regular participant in the clubs Sunday Crew with the likes of Steve Burton and Elvin Dickinson.

Whilst his membership at the club was cut short, his character and memory live on in the Adrian Greenwood Memorial Shield. This is an eclectic competition that is calculated using the best score on each hole throughout the Monthly Medals.

This year, we are proud to announce, the winner is our very own Head Greenkeeper, Mark Sneap! 🏆

Congratulations Mark!


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Nov 19, 2020

Congratulations Mark insider knowledge or pure skill

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