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Barlow Cup Winner Announced

Welcome to night fourteen of our virtual 2020 Drax Golf Club Presentation Evening(s). 🎙

Yesterday we celebrated the fantastic success of Kevin Simpson in our J Scott Cup. 👏

Today we look at the history of its Rabbit's equivalent, The Barlow Cup. Once The Committee in the late 80s had chosen the final design of the course, it was also decided to get the guidance, advise and support from Bingley Turf Research centre as to what grasses to use for the greens etc.

Because the site was a construction tip it took a tremendous amount of effort by Barry Marsden, John Bell and his maintenance team based at the Barlow Ash Plant to remove the debris that had worked its way to the top.

Ash was laid below the greens to assist in drainage and topsoil form the Station along with the free use of machinery for the course development. Steve Brittain also obtained several 45-gallon plastic drums, cut them in half and placed them on several parts of the developing golf course and arranged evening volunteers to pick up stones bricks etc.

Once landscaping was completed, an extensive tree planting programme was undertaken, and because of the original state of the ground numerous failures were expected, as it was very few failed and now the trees have matured makes it a very tight course to negotiate. So there you have it, the Barlow Cup is named in recognition of the team's who were based at the Barlow Ash Plant who assisted the landscaping of the course.

This year's competition winner did so in tremendous style. Shaun Finnegan held the lead for the majority of the day with net 67, until the afternoon groups went underway and new member Joshua Backhouse carded an unbelievable net 60! 🤩

A huge congratulations to Joshua who only joined the club in June and has continued to progress and see several handicap revisions as his games have improved. 🏆


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Nov 16, 2020

Well done josh

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