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Captain's Day Shield Winner Announced

Welcome to night 9 of our virtual 2020 Drax Golf Club Presentation Evening(s). 🎙

Tonight we take a break in our history lessons which will be picked up later in the week. Tonight, instead of looking at the past, we are looking at the present and into the future!

Over the years, Drax Golf Club has been privileged to have a strong, formidable Junior Section with players from the age of 4 - 18. Unfortunately, in more recent years our junior numbers have declined significantly from what they once were. That said, over the last 3 years, we have started to see a steady rise in the number of Junior members with an increase in competition play too.

On 3rd July, Ruby Sutton rose to fame as she carded her first-ever Hole-In-One on the 5th hole, an accomplishment that now sees Ruby hold the title of the youngest member to have achieved a Hole-In-One. 👏

Fast forward less than 24 hours and Ruby, along with her dad, Stephen competed in our Captain's Day Shield, Ruby's first entry into a Club Major. And what a day Ruby had as she climbed to the top of the standings, eventually taking first place with a fantastic 42 points!

Ruby now continues to progress through England Golf's Girls Rock campaign with coaching from the team at Hessle Golf Club. Ruby was also chosen earlier this year for extended coaching with Yorkshire Ladies! The future certainly does look bright for this young golfer. 🏌️‍♀️

Congratulations to our 2020 Captain's Day Shield winner, Ruby Sutton. 🏆


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Nov 11, 2020

Way to go Ruby

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