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Competition Update

Earlier this month we reintroduced limited competitions and advised that this would be reviewed continually by The Competitions Committee.

We are pleased to announce that on review of the fixtures, we can reschedule all competitions, even those that we appeared to lose in April, May and June. In addition to this, we have introduced a Midweek Monthly Stableford which will replace the Summer Stableford's played in 2019. However, this year, these competitions will be played on a Wednesday.

Due to the current situation, we are unable to carry out drawn competitions for majors. Therefore, all July competitions will be available for bookings as of tomorrow, Saturday 20th June through BRS.

Please see attached a copy of the revised fixture list (below), which will also be available on our website in the coming days:

Along with this, we have also created the following page which details each competition, the format, handicap category and entry fees:

As part of the reintroduction of all competitions, we will be introducing an Official Starter from July onwards. The Starter will ensure that players tee off on time as well as carry out additional duties as requested from time-to-time by The Competitions Committee.

In our last correspondence, we advised that competition entry fees would be retrospectively invoiced. This will continue to be the case and the first invoices will be issued at the end of July. The next invoice thereafter will be issued at the end of September. These two periods will, therefore, include June – July competition and August – September competitions. The invoice itself will be an itemised list of competitions you participated in during the period.

We also mentioned that the optional 2’s Club would be available to enter for weekend competitions. This will continue to be the case and by default, ALL players participating in the competition on the day will automatically be entered into the 2’s Club. Should you wish to opt-out of the 2’s Club on a given competition, please ensure you inform the starter of this before you commence your round. This too will be invoiced as part of your competition fees.

In addition to this, we understand that members may still wish to play casual golf on competition days, again you must advise the starter if this is your intention to ensure the Competitions Committee are informed and you are not invoiced accordingly.

If you are playing in a competition, can you please ensure that you return your scorecard, as per the competition rules, no matter how good or bad. This will help calculate the Competition Standard Scratch (CSS) on the day and help you as we prepare for the introduction of the World Handicap System (WHS) in November this year.

We hope that this is positive news as we move closer to resuming a ‘normal’ golfing experience and we hope you all agree that the introduction of a Starter is a great step forward.

Best wishes,

The Competitions Committee

Play Safe, Stay Safe.

Fixtures 2020 - Covid Update V3
Download XLSX • 16KB



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