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Course Closure and Trolley Etiquette

Unfortunately due to Storm Ciara last weekend the course has been closed due to waterlogging again. On Wednesday it was hoped we could reopen on Thursday but a further 7mm overnight has again left the course covered in puddles!

We have therefore made the decision to keep the course closed over the weekend, bearing in mind that a new storm, Dennis, is likely to cause further downpours and high winds.

We will review the situation on Monday when the storm has passed.

When the course reopens we will not be enforcing a trolley ban, however we again urge members who can carry to do so. Should you use your trolley, please follow all paths, follow the rough and keep off fairways and approaches to the greens.

Recent research has shown that using a trolley increases the impact on the course by roughly ten times, so you can see why we urge you to be considerate.

Some members have asked why we don’t implement a full trolley ban. The committee feels that would discriminate harshly on members who cannot carry and they would be missing out on golf when others are able to play. Please could all members follow the best practice and if you receive a gentle reminder from a colleague that you are in the wrong place, please do not be offended!

Here’s hoping the weather clears and we can all get back to playing some great golf!

The Committee

PS AGM on Tuesday 18th February at 7.00



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