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Course Layout Trial Information

No doubt you have seen the recent communication from the club regarding the Course Layout Trial. We want to give you some further context as to why we are doing this.

As you all know, the current 6th/12th is still causing hold-ups. In addition to this, we have increased our membership by nearly 80 new members, in turn, we, therefore, need to review the tee-times we can use.

By having members coming back towards the start (1st hole/new 13th hole), it will also allow our starter to ‘manage’ the flow of the course. This will also increase the number of tee-times available earlier in the day and we should not need to close the tee. To ensure it works we have inserted gaps so players can both continue their round and new players begin theirs.

As part of the development of the layout, there are some additional changes we propose to the holes played on the ‘new land’ these are:

  • 3rd hole / New 15th - we are looking to build a new tee box by the gap in the fence, where the current winter mat is situated to give us variation.

  • 4th hole / New 16th - we are looking to raise the current tee box to play the first time round and develop the tee box in the woods for the second time around for the 16th to give us variation.

  • 5th hole / New 17th – we are looking to build a new tee box to the right of the current tee box along with a path down the side of the fairway again to allow variation of the hole.

  • 18th hole - as you can see this is now in play as both holes 12 and 18 - we have taken feedback from members and visitors that this is, without doubt, the best hole on the course and needs to be played twice.

  • The long term objective is that we fill in both ditches (the first one has already been done) and this will allow us to extend the fairway either side except where the road is. We will then look extend the 6th tee and create a Par 5 finish and therefore make the hole slightly easier but add additional length to the course.

  • 8th hole - it is proposed we will always use the front tee (current 14th) for general play and only use the back tee box for Major competitions.

The initial changes will change the course to a Par 69 and with the ‘potential’ to have an additional Par 5 in the future to take the course to Par 70.

Below is a copy of the map of the proposed layout for your perusal. If you have any questions or suggestions we would appreciate your feedback.


The Greens Committee



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