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Covid-19: Updated Guidelines

As promised we are sending you guidelines for playing at Drax during the Covid-19 emergency.

The Social Club will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The car park will be locked from dusk until 8am so please do not arrange to be at the club before 08:00 as there is no room for waiting prior to the gate being unlocked. As a result all competitions and tee times will commence at 8.30.

Senior fiddles will continue and players should meet on the first tee at 8.30 and the senior captain or his deputy will draw the teams using a non contact method. Groups should be kept to 2 or 3 to comply with social distancing recommendations.

Saturday fiddles will also have to delay their start until 08:30. Please use Tees 1,2,16 & 18. The 10.00 fiddle can remain the same, using the same tees as above.

Rakes will be removed from the bunkers to avoid handling. Greens staff will try and keep bunkers tidy at the beginning of the day as now. Please leave the flag in the hole and do not touch the flagstick. The holes have been raised to save reaching into the hole. Casual Golf: The course will be open as usual for all members to play casual golf after 08:00. We would ask all members to book casual tee times on BRS so we can monitor the amount of golf being played, and also to avoid build up of players on the first tee if pay and play visitors arrive.

Competitions: Medal, Stableford and Majors will be played as usual following the above guidelines, especially the 08:30 start and the 3 person groups. We are postponing group games such as Scrambles or AM-AM's until further notice.

Scorecards: Whether you are playing fiddles or club competitions it is suggested that you mark your own card with your partner noting your score on their card to check at the end of the round. Alternatively we will accept one card with all players scores entered. Cards should be posted in the suggestion box in the foyer and a member of the comps committee will collate and update the computer and publish results. Club matches and team games: All inter club matches will be cancelled until further notice. We await guidance from the INTER and NERGA organisation although it is likely these will be postponed.

General advice:

  • Please avoid handshaking or embracing at the end of the round.

  • Please allow 2 metres between players especially on the tee and green.

  • Players should only use their own buggies or trolleys and they should be cleaned after every round.

  • Avoid touching other players clubs

Please follow Government advice if you are feeling unwell, or if you fall into the categories being asked to stay at home. Finally as a gesture of thanks to all our members the committee has decided to give every member who has renewed since January , and is planning to renew in 2020, an extra months membership. Your renewal date for next year will be put forward by 1 month. This applies to full members only or flexible members upgrading to full membership. Happy golfing and please keep safe. Best wishes, The Committee



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