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Head Greenkeepers Report: September 2020

Below are the objectives we aim to complete in September prior to the commencement of the Winter Programme.

As the season ends, we will be having a week where we want to concentrate on

Verti-draining all the Greens in readiness for winter.

This will not be done until after the NHS Charity Day, the last Major on Saturday 26th and Senior Captains Day on Monday 28th September.

When we begin this work, notices are to be posted on social media to advise members.

We may at this time want to make the greens ‘out of play’ for 2-3 days whilst we do this but it is for the benefit of all members as we want to be able to keep our greens open for as long as possible.

This should allow us to ‘stay on’ the greens for winter unless we get particularly bad frosts.

As long as the grass growth slows down and we are able to, between the winter plans we want to slit fairways and Tees in preparation for renovating and fertilising for 2021 season.

As always, I would like to thank all the team for their efforts. It really is appreciated how much of their unpaid time they give up to make our course look great.

We are always looking for additional volunteers to join us and if anyone has any spare time, we would appreciate any help they can give us.

We are still waiting for my old club to advise us of the opportunity to purchase their fairway mower. Once I have any information I will let you know.

I will now sign off for this season and aim to give you all an update on how our winter programme is going in January.



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