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Seniors John Davies Shield Winner

Welcome to the second of our virtual 2020 Drax Golf Club Presentation Evening(s).🎙

Last night, we celebrated the success of our Ladies Section, specifically that of Mary Cresham who accomplished a grand slam in 2020. 🏌️‍♀️

Tonight we move onto the first of four nights to celebrate those victorious in our Seniors Section.

Bonnie and Clyde, Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy are all synonymous names when the word 'Bandit' is used, especially in the wild west. Well, head to North Yorkshire and you will hear other names whispered from golf club to golf club associated with this term. 🤠

Tonight we congratulate one of Drax's own so-called 'Bandits' who seems to win often but seldom has his handicap cut. But now that World Handicap System (WHS) is live, he may get his collar felt and a review soon. 🤞

Congratulations to the winner of the 2020 John Davies Shield, Michael Rollason! 🏆


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Nov 04, 2020

Well done rollo have you got something on handicap secratery or what

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