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Use of Trolleys this autumn

Unfortunately, it's that time of year again when our daylight becomes limited and the weather starts to change (not that we had much good this year). With this in mind, in order to protect our golf corse through autumn and winter, we urge members who can carry to do so. Should you use your trolley, please follow all paths. If a path is not available , please stick to the rough and keep off fairways and approaches to the greens. Please don't be like the golfer who walked up the middle of the hill on the 2nd today (see attached) causing unnecessary damage, or those who missed the path to the back of the 11th green last week (attached). Recent research has shown that using a trolley increases the impact on the course by roughly ten times, so you can see why we urge you to be considerate. Please could all members follow the best practice and if you receive a gentle reminder from a colleague that you are in the wrong place, please do not be offended! If you need any cure reading, this is a great article from Golf Monthly about being a responsible golfer: Moving forwards, any members failing to adhere to the guidance may be subject to action per the Code of Conduct. This can be found within the members area of the club website. We hope it doesn't come to this. Finally, we would like to thank Mark, Lee and our volunteers who have given us the pleasure of the fantastic playing conditions this season. Best wishes, The Committee



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